Art & Design
(Savannah College of Art & Design)

SCAD is an accredited university, offering more than100 academic degree programs in the United States of America, France and online via SCAD elearning.

SCAD IBCP Pathway is a unique customisable course to enable students to take up a career in art and design. The innovative SCAD curriculum is enhanced by advanced professional-level technology and other learning resources, as well as opportunities for internships, professional certifications, and collaborative projects with corporate partners.

Students can begin their journey toward an art and design career — and a rewarding creative career — by completing university-level courses at SCAD before beginning full-time studies.

Via specialized course tracks, IBCP students earn up to 25 credit hours. Course tracks include both general foundation-level options and SCAD degree program pathways like advertising, business of beauty and fragrance, and interactive design and game development:


SCAD IBCP sequence tracks:

Track 1A: Foundation Studies

Track 1B: Foundation Studies — Digital Media Majors

Track 2A: Foundation Studies and Liberal Arts

Track 2B: Foundation Studies and Liberal Arts (no DRAW100 required)

Track 3: Advertising and Branding

Track 4: Graphic Design

Track 5: Interactive Design and Game Development

Track 6: Photography

Track 7: Sequential Art

Track 8: Business of Beauty and Fragrance

Track 9: Fashion Marketing and Management

Track 10: Social Strategy and Management

Track 11: Custom

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