Well Being Centre

The Well-Being Centre adopts the growth mindset and works on the guiding principle of our school, which holds that every student and teacher should find joy in learning and teaching no matter what the challenges.

In a world that is more demanding, with expectations soaring and the academic rigours scaling new highs, students are challenged to think, perform, and grow to levels not before seen. The Well-Being Centre provides guidance to students that may need additional emotional or cognitive support to deal with these various challenges and circumstances. The Well-Being Centre provides all students from the PYP, MYP, IGCSE and IBDP an open door to share and discuss their issues and find solutions to their problems.

The Well-Being Centre also oversees the Jamnabai Narsee Adolescent Mentor Program, that trains student mentors to create a web of interdependence across each of our grades and sections.

At JNIS we believe in inclusion. Students who learn differently and have different academic concerns are provided support by our trained special educators. Students who are identified with special needs receive both in-class and out of class support focusing on their specific linguistic, cognitive, or social barriers.

The school understands the importance of identifying students with different needs to differentiate teaching and assessments. The Centre helps students with various concessions/accommodations for international examinations such as the IBO, CAIE and College Board. Jamnabai is also accredited to conduct centre-based examinations such as SAT and ACT for students with accommodations. Our ongoing mandate is to provide for individual needs and oversee the emotional well-being of our priceless children