Well Being Centre

At the Well-being Center we aim to cultivate 'the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy' among students, organizing various activities around the year in order to work towards an inclusive and flourishing learning environment for all students.

With the objective of early intervention we work very closely with our students creating a sanctuary for them not only in our cabin where they come to do colouring, puzzles, to play with kinetic sand, or just for a chat at break time, but also around the school.For instance on the first day of school, the PYP students were welcomed with a balloon ice cream cone activity where they thoroughly enjoyed decorating their cones and were delighted to begin the school year on a sweet note! We introduced ourselves at the beginning of the school year in every classroom, and have enjoyed conducting circle time discussions and sessions on personal space, bullying and the IB learner profile attributes over the year to further harness the positive beginnings. Our efforts in these areas have been very well received by teachers as well as students.

Next day was filled with anticipation and nervous energy. I was going to ski for the first time in my life. A busload of people got on to the bus that took us to the slopes. Dressed in our ski attire, we stepped onto the moving carpet that took us to the top of the slopes. Our ski instructor explained us the basics like braking, turning, going forward and snow plowing. We skied six hours with a break in between to have a lunch on the mountain slopes. What an experience it was to have lunch in the pristine snowy mountains with my buddies! I also ate some snow!

With an aim to develop a culture of emotional awareness among the students, we had put up a mural on emotions at the beginning of the year. Later, we turned the notice board into an interactive one where the children can post their reflections on instances when they have exemplified any of the learner profile attributes.

The Well-being Center also routinely assist homeroom teachers with guided reading and take Personal and Social Education classes as well. A special session on Creative Thinking was also carried out to support students with their ideas on innovation and invention for their exhibition, for which we also mentored small groups to help with their respective projects. In addition to this, our special educators volunteered to conduct the after school activity, Super Science - another grand success.

Similar network of support is provided in the Secondary school through various activities at the beginning of the academic year ranging from ice breakers to sessions on Time Management and Procrastination, along with sessions on the themes of anti-bullying and respect.

The team is also responsible for organizing training programs for the Student Council and the Jamnabai Adolescent Mentors (JAM) to develop interpersonal and leadership skills.

The first training held in August, 2016, was on interpersonal skills which was conducted in the school premises over two days. During the course of this training, the students were actively engaged in learning and understanding the role of being a mentor, empathy, boundaries, trust, confidentiality, emotions, basic skills in counselling and decision making. Videos, games, worksheets and role play methods were used to empower the students with skills to build a healthy and safe environment at school.

The second training, held in the month of March, 2017, was on inculcating leadership skills. This was a oneday training wherein students worked on team building and communication skills. The highlight of the day was the treasure hunt activity in which the students had to crack the codes to obtain clues for completing a series of tasks with their groups. This activity gave hands on experience to the students in applying the concepts of effective communication and teamwork learnt earlier during the day.

The team also regularly conducts workshops and programs for the other half of the teaching-learning community- Teachers. A professional development session for teachers on the theme of 'Making Connections' was conducted in the month of August. This session included a TED talk video which was followed by an activity to highlight the importance of making meaningful connections with the students.