Teaching & Learning

JNIS is unique in the city in its commitment to the perfect synthesis of Indian values and international mindedness, through every aspect of teaching and learning. Our motto "Excellence through endeavor" forms the backbone of all the teaching learning activities at school, inspiring both the students and faculty to become better versions of themselves through every action undertaken.

Regular sessions dedicated to professional and pedagogical development help teachers in keeping abreast with the dynamic world of academia. Students in turn benefit from this, not only in terms of the knowledge and expertise that the teacher acquires and imparts but also through the replication of the process at their level under the able guidance of the faculty. Focus remains on empowering students making them true partners in the teaching-learning process.

In this unique organization, teachers and facilitators believe that communication, collaboration, accountability and mutual respect are essential for a harmonious and productive academic environment. Modelling these before the students becomes a prime way teaching through example. Collaboration and self-reflection form an integral part of the school's culture, prompting both individual and collective growth.