Artificial Intelligence
(World Academy of Career Programmes)

WACP is an educational research organisation which offers K12 based career related courses in multiple academic streams related to new age careers. It commands a robust network within the industry and thereby offers unmatched practical training, internships and placements.

WACP offers a combination of two qualifications as part of its K 12 career related programs. These are international diploma an international advanced diploma off 11 months each.


Course Aims

The International Diploma and International Advanced Diploma in Artificial Intelligence are suitable for IBCP students wanting to pursue their CRS course in Robotics and AI based processes. They aim to strengthen their understanding of the subject and achieve incremental knowledge and specialisation between the two qualifications.

These courses provide theories, models and practical case studies to manage the information and market intelligence side of an organization. Students get comprehensive insights into managing large data, Python, Machine Learning, NLP, computer vision, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis, research, information-based decision making.

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