Eumind Exchange Programme

EUMIND or Europe meets india, is an exchange programme with the students at Het Rijnlands Lyceum International School in Oegstgeest, Holland.

EUMIND is a platform for young students from different countries and cultures to interact with and learn about each other's lives. Each student lives with a host and their family, the students understand the difference in lifestyle. This year 16 students from Grade 9, IGCSE, went to Oegstgeest from 25th may to 1st June, 2019.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Netherlands and learnt about Dutch history and culture. Everyone in the Netherlands uses cycles as their main form of transportation and takes care of themselves, such as food, clothes and transport. This made me realize that our lives in Mumbai are very busy and stressful in comparison to our Dutch hosts. Everyone was very welcoming and made our stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. My host lived about 45 minutes away from their school, so I quite liked the daily cycle and view on the way. This trip made me realize that I should begin to take on more responsibility for myself and become more independent. This is a trip I will never forget and the Netherlands has become a special place for me.

Alaikaa Gupta, Grade 9