German Exchange Programme

The Indo-German Exchange program between Jamnabai Narsee International School and Rudolf Eberle Schule, was a cultural extravaganza, that provided students of Grade XI, DP, with the opportunity to visit a plethora of towns in Germany, alongside visits to neighboring European countries and other rural towns. Spanning over 14 days, students resided in the homes of their exchange partners, and were given a sliver of the lifestyle and routines that govern German households. This program allowed students to gain a degree of familiarity with European culture and facilitated a growth in adaptation to different cultural lifestyles. From visiting noteworthy cultural attractions such as Castle Wildenstein in Germany to touring and uncovering the history of German towns such as Constance, Basel, Freiburg, with anifestations of German culture and recreation were exposed to all students, enriching the experience gained and knowledge of inter-cultural understanding derived through this unforgettable, intellectual program.