IBDP Representatives

At Jamnabai Narsee International School, each student brings along a range of talents that are waiting to be shared with the entire cohort. With hundreds of creative minds and sports enthusiasts, it is the Student Council’s duty to create the platform to promote personal growth and development outside the classroom, and in many more ways than one.

As part of the outgoing IBDP council, we have tried our best to adapt to the COVID-19 circumstance, switching from the typical school-hall-assemblies to webinars, and from physical sporting and cultural events to online Trivia and Fifa/F1 competitions. Even virtually, we were committed to strengthening the sentiment of togetherness and house pride.

With the lifting of lockdown restrictions, and the gradual restoration of school life the way it was pre-COVID, the new council members have made the most of this opportunity to organize in-person inter-house competitions. After a long period of waiting, the sound of music and buzz of dance rehearsals finally restored the energy of the amphitheatre. The thuds of shoes and echoing screams of “pass” and “shoot” finally revive the air of competition in the basketball court.

The reason we do this is because we know how liberating it feels to discover skills and abilities you never knew you had. We know how empowering it feels to belong to a house and fight alongside your housemates on the path to victory. With the privilege of representing the 6 houses and coordinating activities with the management, we are committed to uplift the school spirit and nurture the potential of each and every young member of this esteemed community.

Ahaan Chhatwal and Syna Pal
IBDP Representative