Jamnabai Adolescent Mentor Programme

The Student Council is entrusted with the role of leadership. Keeping in mind the ethos of the school, 'teamwork' is the most important mantra for effective management. It is a universal truth that 'teams always win', hence, the term 'we' is more significant than 'I'. 'Team bonding' forms a close personal relationship through frequent and constant association. Therefore 'team bonding' is a requisite for 'team building'- You have to place trust in your team members.

The Jamnabai Adolescent Mentor Programme is a peer mentoring programme that is unique to our school. The primary focus of this programme is for these students to provide emotional support to the student community. Through their availability to individual and providing valuable assistance to the Counselling Cell in special student programmes like the 'Dare to Care Week', JAM members truly become a bridge between the student Community and the Counselling Cell.