Senior Council

Being a part of the student council comes with responsibility, honour and more importantly, strong bonds. Over the course of two years we’ve come together as a group of students navigating their way through the world of leadership. We have grown into a cohesive and inclusive family of ardent individuals.

A few months into our roles as council members, waves of Covid-19 washed us away from the shore of school. Our moods dampened and the excitement fizzled out. Come rain, shine or a pandemic, our school pushed us to unite and soldier through these testing times.

Our dreams took new forms and we forged connections in unexpected ways. Noisy house meetings in classrooms were replaced by enthusiastic ice-breaker activities on Zoom. The cheer and athleticism of Sports Day was channelled into various online inter-house sport events, from fitness challenges to skipping to yoga. Fiery debates continued to be spirited as ever. Auditions were no more in foyers during lunch break or after school, but in online meetings or via recordings. Planning, preparing, and performing virtually was no child’s play, but having each other by our side made it enjoyable. Lastly, our teachers were our pillars who propped up our last-minute changes, complaints and desires with grace and occasional reprimands.

We couldn’t be more thankful for this journey and for the opportunities this institution provided us. As our term ends, we leave with a sense of gratitude as well as a chest full of memories of a school we’re proud to belong and represent.

Shreya Prasad
House Captain