Senior Council

Assuming roles as leaders is like watching an idea gradually become an action. We, as student council, aspire to think constructively and broaden our imagination, and use our power to light the spark of inspiration in all those we guide. We hope to create a platform that will help the student body to evolve, through events - cultural, athletic and academic; and encourage every student to participate and find their talents. It is our duty to motivate our peers to embrace opportunities.

One does not require a badge, or a title to be a leader. In order for anyone to set an example for others, one has to set an example for oneself first. This year, we should all seek to be a better versions of ourselves. Take steady steps towards our goals. Only then will we be able to create a change. This year, let's be confident, yet humble. And at every step of the way, the student council is here to support you.

We will find ourselves making mistakes, experiencing problems, facing criticism. It's the way we perceive challenging situations is what makes the difference. Acceptance of our mistakes, and determination to do better will positively impact our work and character.

As student council, we pledge to stand tall and strive to fulfil our purpose of being good role models, bringing about unity amongst the entire student body, discipline, and the resolve to be hard working, passionate global representatives.

In the words of Moliere,
“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”