1) What is IBCP ?

IBCP is a course option that students can choose for their Grade 11 and 12. It provides the opportunity for students to choose from selected vocational streams. These career-related courses provide a platform for future undergraduate courses.

2) What subjects will a student learn in JNIS IBCP?

As part of the IBCP structure, students will pursue a career-related course accompanied by 3 I.B. Diploma programme subjects. In addition, the completion of the 4 elements of the CP Core is mandatory for all CP students.

3) What are the Career-related courses offered at JNIS?

• Art & Design (SCAD)
• Artificial Intelligence (WACP)
• Event Management (WACP)
• Sports Management (WACP)

4) How does the CP Core compare to DP Core?

The elements of CP core are on similar lines of elements of DP Core.

CP Core DP Core
Reflective Project Extended Essay
Personal and Professional Skills Theory of Knowledge
Service Learning Creativity, Activity and Service

5) How will assessment be conducted?

Assessment of each element of CP is assessed based on the guidelines of IB.

How Assessed?
DP subjects As per IBDP examination requirements – Internal Assessments and External Assessment.
CP Core Reflective Project – Internally assessed, externally moderated by IB. Personal and professional skills, Service learning and Language development – Assessed by school as per guidelines given by IB. School has to confirm completion of the same to IB.
Career-related courses Assessed by the CRS provider. Necessary certification will be issued by them on completion of the course requirements.

6) Which university accept IBCP students?

IBCP students have been recruited by prestigious universities across the world. Students should check individual university requirements.

In India, Association of Indian Universities (AIU) has recognised IBCP as an equivalent to Grade 12 of any Indian Boards with some specific requirements for some streams.

University List

7) I want some more details on IBCP. Whom can I reach out to ?

You can email at admissions@jnis.ac.in call at 022 69157575 Extn 801.